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Message from the President

In 2019 we celebrate ninety years in Western Australia. We promote Social Justice, Education, Empowerment of Women and Interfaith projects.

We support the Jewish and wider communities, and maintain our important connection with Israel.

Through our Communities Services we were involved from the start in the establishment of the first Jewish Age Care in the State and worked always to help families in need. Every year we support programmes to help sick children through Rotary, Princess Margaret Hospital and other activities. Our presence in Israel is far and wide including environmental projects through our partnerships with, amongst others, the Jewish National Fund ( JNF), the Haifa Rape Crisis Centre– Youth at Risk,  which is solely funded by NCJWA Australia , the Ilan Foundation for Handicapped Children in Israel and the Haifa University scholarships to assist women of Ethiopian descent with academic counselling, private tutoring, special courses, transportation costs, accommodation, books, as well as equipment and ancillary expenses incurred outside their tuition fees.

We seek your support and participation to help us continue our good work in our community, for Israel and in the wider community. We value very much our participation and connection to other communities which brings about a better understanding and harmony between our community and others. Every two years we have our NCJWA WA Women Achievers  evening where we recognize the value of WA Women in the shaping of the State.

We are keen to encourage younger Jewish women to join us. NCJWA offers a unique way to influence and participate in Israel and in the wider community, refocusing on all important values for our future.

We welcome new ideas. Please contact our office or email us wa@ncjwa.org.au if you wish to be more active and if you have an interest in working for the rights of women and children, interfaith and volunteering.

How can you help? Give a gift membership, become a member and support our functions and projects.


With Council Greetings,

Jennifer Faigenbaum


Contact Details

Address: 61 Woodrow Avenue, Yokine 6060
Phone: (08) 9276 8040
Fax: (08) 9276 8040
Email: wa@ncjwa.org.au

Office Bearers

  • President – Jennifer Faigenbaum
  • Vice President – Valerie Frank
  • Honorary Treasurer – Sarah Susac
  • Committee Members – Jillian Green, Noreen Sher, Ester Steingiesser and Louise Wingens

What’s Happening?

For details of all meetings and events, please contact us or see our column in the Maccabean.

State Committee Meeting

Held on the second Monday of the month at 7pm.

Group Meetings

  • Natanya Group – third Monday of the month at 7:30pm
  • Shalom Group – first Wednesday of the month at 12pm
          WA Year in Review 2018


          Our two groups, Natanya and Shalom continue to meet monthly. Highlights of the year
          included Rabbi Adi Cohen speaking to Shalom Group about the Druze in Israel, and
          Charmaine Ryan speaking to Natanya group about her life story.

          wa photo

          On Tuesday 30th January, at the instigation of Ester Steingiesser, WA Section was involved in
          organising and participating in the International Day in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.
          This was a joint communal function, and included a visit to the Holocaust Museum, normally
          only open to schools. More than one hundred people attended the function.
          A special event was held on Sunday, March 4th to launch the Fanny Reading MBE dvd. The
          dvd was introduced by Sue Levy, and Miriam Harrould, who met Dr Reading as a young
          NCJWA member, while living in Sydney, gave some personal anecdotes and insights into Dr
          Reading’s personality. About 28 ladies enjoyed the presentation and then stayed for a light
          On Anzac Day Thelma Gunzburg, who served in WW2, represented NCJWA WA at the Anzac
          Day Dawn Service in King’s Park. Thelma placed a placed a wreath at the Jewish War
          Memorial in honour of Jewish soldiers who lost their lives in the war.
          In July there was a combined NCJWA WA and WIZO function. We had morning tea with Sarah
          Sofer, the wife of Ambassador Mark Sofer. It was lovely for the two groups to mix and get to
          know one another better.
          Jill Green was one of the panel of judges of the Yolande Frank Art award. (Jill has done this for
          several years). Yolande Frank was a Child Holocaust survivor who died in 2009. An annual art
          exhibition has been set up in her name in partnership with UNAAWA. NCJWA WA donated a
          prize of $50.
          Natanya group held an Israeli musical afternoon in August, which included a delicious
          afternoon tea, at Sue Levy’s new home. Over 40 people attended and everyone enjoyed the
          On November 11th family and friends watched the movie 87 Children, based on a true story of
          a Muslim Tartar women in Crimea who saved many Jewish children from the Holocaust. The
          evening was organised by Noreen Sher.
          Mitzvah Day is co-ordinated by Jenny Faigenbaum and celebrated at her home. Several women
          came together and made ten housewarming baskets for Orana House, a women’s refuge
          NCJWA WA supports. This is the third year NCJWA WA has made housewarming baskets for
          Orana House, and we hope to make this a yearly event. Not only are the baskets a lovely gift for
          the women leaving the refuge, but we have a lot of fun on the day making them up.


          Last year NCJWA WA started a program called “Reading Out Loud” based on similar
          programs running in NSW and Victoria.
          A team of about 8 ladies regularly visit the Jewish Aged Care facility, Maurice Zeffert Home
          and read or chat to the residents.
          All readers were invited to attend a delicious lunch on Thursday 8th November as a ‘thank you’
          for their efforts during the year. We are pleased to say the reading program has been running
          for over a year now and continues to be co-ordinated by Shelley London.


          Shelley London also organised talks in her capacity as Health Portfolio Chair.
          The difficult subject of Family Violence was tackled.
          Separate talks were given on Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Elder Abuse. All speakers
          were experts in their fields and co-ordinated by NCJWA WA member Dr Barbara Meddin.
          We were given an overview of the running of Orana House Women’s refuge which is a major
          recipient of donations from NCJWA WA.