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Pink Sunday in Perth

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If you were near the Maccabi Grounds on Sunday, 2nd November, chances are you would have spied about a hundred people – men, women and children – almost all of whom were wearing pink! It was Pink Sunday 2014, collaboration between National Council of Jewish Women Australia WA and Maccabi WA, to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia.

The day started with an early cycling group, pedalling their way in the fight against Breast Cancer.

In her welcome, Jillian Green, presented the sobering fact that approximately 15,000 people will have been diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone. Before introducing Special Guest Speaker, Ron Gordon, Maccabi President, Alan Shear thanked NCJWA & Maccabi volunteers for their invaluable input.  Ron is a keen photographer who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. He shared his story, “One Man’s Journey Through Breast Cancer”, by linking the various stages he went through with magnificent photos he had taken.   125 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and 125 women every three days! Women are encouraged to check their breasts, have mammograms etc., but men are not used to doing this, with the result that the mortality rate for men with breast cancer is much higher. Ron’s story was one of hope, healing and inspiration. Ester Steingiesser thanked Ron from transforming a journey of hardship and pain into hope, inspiration and light. She thanked, Team Maccabi for a great partnership, the  NCJWA Committee for their work and support and Jillian, who did an amazing job this year. Donnay  Zulberg was the responsible for the amazing photos.

Rabbi White recited prayers for those who are ill and their carers. Everyone present then took part in a silent walk on the oval, which finished with the planting of pink silhouettes that people had dedicated to someone, living or deceased, who had had breast cancer.

The whole experience was solemn, but hopeful and inspiring. As several of the speakers said, may each annual Pink Sunday be bigger and better than the last! Kol Hakavod to all!