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Two NCJWA Western Australian members have recently been awarded Order of Australia Medals (OAM). NCJWA is proud to salute both of them and their achievements.

Jenny Shub OAM

Jenny Shub has been a NCJWA Western Australian member for over 50 years, with muchof her involvement hands-on. She has held NCJWA National Board positions such asChair of Education and was Section President 1989-1998.

Her OAM citation includes a long list of community service activities both within the Jewish and wider communities. This includes a focus on her role within Holocaust education organisations. In 1990 she realised that time was running out, that it was important to record the stories of Holocaust survivors. The Holocaust Institute of Western Australia was born and Jenny initiated a program of research which included recording Holocaust survivor stories. This also led to her involvement in preparing nominations to Yad Vashem for ‘Righteous Amongst Nations’ Awards.

Jenny has had an over 40 year professional career as a school and education psychologist with credits including initiating counselling services within the Carmel School as well as a number of other Perth High Schools. She also spent time working with intellectually disabled children and their families.

Jenny Shub credits her continuing passion for community service and education to the inspiration of her late mother and the support of her husband Les.

Michelle Urban OAM

Michelle Urban is a founder of the Jewish Historical Society of Western Australia.

Growing up in Perth she is the daughter of a 4th generation Australian mother and a Holocaust survivor father. A strong awareness of her own heritage led to her keen involvement in ensuring that the heritage and cultural history of the Jewish community in Western Australia is recorded. Her role in preserving and recording WA Jewish history includes as a writer and editor, key research projects and exhibition programs.

Michelle’s community involvement goes beyond local history. She is a long standing member of the NCJWA Western Australian Section’s Yael Group and is the current organiser of the WA Jewish Communal Appeal.