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There is a saying, “There is no wealth like health”, Apocrypha of Ben Sira, 30:16.    What could be more valuable than feeling healthy and happy?  Quoting the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  While health is relevant to your own situation the basics are the same for all.  What is the secret of remaining healthy?

In The Wisdom of the Talmud, by Ben Zion Bokser, he says “The Talmud abounds in rules of health, some of which will continue to interest the modern reader. The rabbis cautioned against overeating: “Restrain yourself from the meal you especially enjoy, and do not delay answering nature’s call.” They urged sufficient sleep, which will do its best however only at night; late morning sleep was regarded as injurious. Above all they urged general moderation in living.”

Let us look at this using a modern analogy.  When you invest in a new car, you follow the manufacture’s instructions to ensure the car lasts long as possible and gives you a trouble free run.  You fill the tank with the correct fuel, you take it in for maintenance, you wash it, and generally take good care of it to maximize it’s life.  Yet many people today take better care if their car then themselves. If you consume poor quality, nutrition deprived food you can not expect to keep healthy and happy.  During my 20 years as a health practitioner I have repeatedly seen the results of this.

“…..According to rabbinic teaching, it is utterly wrong for a person to argue that his health concerns only himself, and if he wishes to eat harmful food what business is it of anyone  else? The human body is given to a person in trust by G-d. People can serve G-d adequately only by being healthy and consequently it is forbidden to eat anything that many damage health. Food that can endanger health, declare the rabbis, is to be avoided even more than food forbidden by religious law”, The Book of Jewish Belief by Louis Jacobs. This is not to say Kosher is unimportant, it is.

While it may seem obvious, it is important to reflect upon the basics for good nutrition.  Eating a balanced diet of clean nutritious food, drinking enough water, exercising regularly and getting enough good quality sleep is essential to meet your body’s basic needs.