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More than 50 people attended NCJWA WA Yachad’s second fundraiser at the Israeli film festival in Northbridge last weekend.

The documentary Almost Friends followed the relationships between Muslim and religious Israeli Jewish girls and the controversies when the two groups met.

With 55 attendees, Yachad raised money for the Haifa Rape Crisis Centre, a non-profit organisation that supports families and surviviors of sexual violence in northern Israel.

Thank you to everyone that came and supported this event.

Yachad is the newest NCJWA WA group and was created this year for ladies aged 20 to 30.

The group meets once a month and hopes to run more fundraisers for Israel and the wider community for years to come.

For any information, contact Yachad chairperson Caroline Frank at cazfraz@gmail.com.

Caroline Frank – Freelance Journalist